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and good morning, america. you see, not a lot of people out there in times square this morning. it's so cold out there. hello to robin at home. she's keeping "gma" hours at home as she gets ready for her comeback. josh is off this week. great to have amy and bill here and welcome back to both of you. and it's a big day for hillary clinton on capitol hill. her final appearance as secretary of state in just a few hours. she'll face questions from the panel investigating the terrorist attack in libya. tomorrow, her likely successor john kerry has his senate hearings. and prince harry. is faces criticism that he was too candid about the war zone. lara's seat is empty. this morning, lara, i guess you
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found something better to do, huh? >> oh, nice. >> wow, that's impressive. oh, now she really better run. >> she's gotta run now. >> i was going to say, does she have her heels on? no. >> lara spencer, michael strahan, that's all coming up live, as well. michael will be here in the next hour. >> looking forward to that. but first, sam has the latest on the deadly winter weather. our extreme weather team, led by sam, is tracking it all. sam, you're outside. what does it feel like out there? >> it's 11 in times square. that windchill is one below zero. this is different, a shift in the flow of arctic air is pushing true polar air toward the u.s. this morning. that means for the entire east coast, you get a real shot of real polar air. frigid temperatures creating dangerous conditions for areas that haven't felt the extreme chill in years. the forecast high of 19 in new
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york city today, the first time it stayed below 20 in four years. in indianapolis, cold creating problems. this house became an inferno after the homeowner tried to warm it using an oven. she escaped with her two children. in michigan, understood ground water meters are freezing. hundreds of reports of homes without water. >> it must have froze fast. we can't do anything. >> reporter: and concerns of frostbite spread east today. schools in minnesota, wisconsin and michigan, starting late or staying closed. >> in temperatures like this, it doesn't take a whole lot to get frostbite. >> reporter: overnight, temperatures dipped below zero into the northeast. you can see the vapor rising off of lake superior. >> it's like needles sticking in your face. >> reporter: and this morning, expect widespread travel troubles with cold air. in the twin cities, alone, aaa says it's gotten nearly 1,000 calls for weather-related dead batteries and flat tires. and expect more of that. the temperatures just north of
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the u.s. border are actually colder than those right at the north pole. we're talking at southern canada, temperatures really at 30 below. the lake-effect snow machine is turned on. some of the snow is headed east. gio benitez joins us with more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, sam. take a look. we did a little experiment we saw on youtube. we decided to do it ourselves. we dunked a t-shirt underwater. in this bucket of water. take a look. it took less than ten minutes for it to completely freeze over here in central new york. so, clearly, here in central new york, it's very, very cold here in fulton. sam? >> gio, the best cold air stunt i have seen so far this year is the frozen t-shirt sideways. this air doesn't go away. although, this is the worse part of it for the day today. these temperatures do get milder.
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but believe it or not, places like new york city will stay below freezing mark until monday. not getting above freezing, george and amy, until monday into tuesday. back inside to you. >> thanks very much. we're going to turn to washington now. hillary clinton will wrap up her stint as secretary of state. by taking the hot seat on capitol hill. tough questions are coming from the committees investigating the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya, that claimed the lives of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. terrorists involved in this weekend's terror attack in algeria may also have been part of benghazi. >> reporter: this morning, an algerian official is telling "the new york times" that under interrogation, one of those militants said some of the attackers in algeria were also part of the attack on the consulate in benghazi last september. that sort of regional
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cooperation between extremists is something that hillary clinton and others have long warned about. so, i suspect that she will get asked about that this morning. >> and more questions coming as well. she's very well practiced at this. i can't imagine they'll beat her up on her last few days as secretary of state. >> well, they might try. i think you'll hear very pointed questions about why there was not more security in a volatile place. they want to ask, whether she was aware of requests for additional security. if not, why not? if so, why wasn't it approved? already, people relieved of their jobs. but they want to know clinton's role. >> okay, martha, thank you so much. i know that you'll be there all day long. let's get more news from bill weir. we begin with more bullets flying at yet another school. more panicked students running
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for their lives. this time at a community college near houston. overnight, we learned new details about the suspected gunman. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> reporter: they are the frightening images that have become far too common. police leading helpless students off-campus. a twitter picture of people cowering in classrooms. this time, the setting is lone star college, a community college north of houston. tuesday afternoon, authorities said that it wasn't a lone deranged gunmen targeting students, but two men having an argument near the campus library. their fight ended in gunfire. >> i heard bang, bang, bang, bang. someone started screaming. >> reporter: police say that a college maintenance worker was caught in the cross-fire, shot in the leg. a female student also went to the hospital after reportedly having a heart attack. the two gunmen, one a student, are in custody. the college chancellor said after so many campus shootings,
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his school is ready. >> we have had three training exercises for faculty and staff on what to do in an event like this. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. there's been a record drug bust along the mexican border. netted marijuana with a street value of $12 million. a mexican truck driver is now in custody. overseas this morning, major upheaval in israeli politics. that could pave the way for new peace talks. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has failed to win re-election by the wide margin predicted. the surprisingly close result seen as result of his hard line stance against palestinians. a shocking crash caught on camera. a toddler riding with her parents in russia when their suv lost control, hitting a truck. she was thrown out of the back window. an oncoming truck barely missed her. another truck coming. but her father was able to scoop her up just in time. somehow, the 2-year-old suffered
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only cuts and bruises. seat belts, people. and here in new york, police say the driver of a car that burst into flames after being struck by a train may have been on his cell phone. he was unaware that the train was barrelling toward him. a serious accusation rocking the sports world this morning. two former nfl stars, tim brown and jerry rice, are accusing their former coach of sabotaging the super bowl. rice and brown claim that coach bill callahan, changed the raiders' game plan at the last minute to help his friend, opposing coach jon gruden, win. he calls it ludicrous. serena williams showed her frustration with the rackets and she also suffered a back injury, her first loss in 20 matches. if you're going to throw it away, we'll take the racket. put it up next to pete
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townsend's smashed guitar. but she'll bounce back. but the raiders story, you were shaking your head? >> why would he want to help his friend rather than win it himself? >> rich gannon, who was the quarterback, said that wasn't the case. they didn't change the verbiage at the line of scrimmage so the other team knew what was coming. >> it took ten years for this to come out. now to beyonce, the superstar remaining quiet right now. abc's david wright has the story on all the sound and the silence. good morning, david. >> reporter: morning, amy. the consensus was she nailed that performance. the question though, is it live or on tape? the story keeps changing. today, beyonce has a lot of defenders and some disappointed fans. ♪ and the rocket's red glare
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>> reporter: on inauguration day, she stole the show. but was beyonce really singing live? or just acting the national anthem to her own studio recording? perhaps the session she photographed for her tumblr page. ♪ oh say does that star-spangled ♪ >> reporter: questions started after people on the podium noticed after the anthem, the marine corps band members were just pretending to play their instrument. the marine corps spokeswoman first said she was lip-synching. it was a last-minute decision. >> i think that if she did, people have a right to know why. ♪ >> reporter: four years ago, it was so cold on inauguration day, yo-yo ma finger-synched on his cello. but aretha franklin sang her part live.
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and her voice cracked. asked about beyonce's performance, aretha laughed. she tells abc news, i thought she did a beautiful job with the prerecord. next time, i'll probably do the same. why hasn't she said one way or the other? >> because my guess is they probably had a prerecorded track in the back and to try to explain it sounds like she made an excuse. ♪ my country 'tis of thee >> reporter: kelly clarkson said she didn't lip-sync her part. watch her congratulate beyonce. it's so hard, she said. late tuesday, the marine corps issued a second statement from a higher ranking spokesperson. no one in the marine corps is in a position to assess her performance. for now, beyonce is letting her performance speak for itself. ♪ brave, the brave
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>> reporter: the only people who may know for certain, the person running the sound board for the inauguration organizers and beyonce herself. and for now, they're not talking. george? amy? >> the sound of silence. >> it all does come down to her pulling that out. that could back up her story she was singing over the recording and they were kind of running into each other. >> she was singing one way or the other. i'm upset about that air trombone player who was trying to fool us with this. >> they were just following orders, bill. they were told to. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about what this controversy may mean for beyonce's career. right now, we have an update on the sex scandal that cost david petraeus his job. so many caught up in that story. including the top commander in afghanistan, who wound up facing
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an investigation of his own. general john allen was cleared of any wrongdoing. pierre, this is one more loop closed. >> reporter: for awhile, the petraeus sex affair was like a soap opera getting bigger by the day. now, another military commander caught up in the scandal is likely breathing a sigh of relief. for years, general john allen had a pristine reputation. that is, until the fallout over the cia director's sex scandal in november threatened to make it collateral damage. the allegation was allen was exchanging inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. the tampa associatite who had allegedly been harassed by paula bro broadwell. suddenly, the story had growing national security implications. and allen's career was in jeopardy. he had just been nominated to be the supreme nato commander in europe. >> the secretary has asked the president and the president has
7:14 am
agreed, to put his nomination on hold. >> reporter: but allen said he had done nothing wrong. the administration urged caution. >> i can tell you that the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country. >> no one should leap to any conclusions here. >> reporter: that assessment was apparently wise. the pentagon last night issued a statement that allen had been cleared by a military inspector general. his nomination could be back on track soon. as for jill kelley, she and her husband call suggestions of an affair with allen painful and preposterous. kelley said that and other misleading junk reporting was emotionally exhausting and damaging to her family. kelley says her privacy was violated. she became a media target rather than a victim. george? >> she made a compelling case in that piece. okay, pierre, thanks very much. george, now to a big backlash for prince harry overnight.
7:15 am
the 28-year-old army captain under fire now for being so candid about life on the front lines in afghanistan. abc's lama hasan has been tracking the latest on the royal fallout for harry. >> reporter: first came the candor. now comes the backlash. this morning, there are new security fears for prince harry. the warrior prince, now a high-value target for the taliban, after admitting he killed enemy fighters in afghanistan. >> take a life to save a life. that's what we sort of revolve around. if people are trying to harm our guys, we'll take them out of the game, i suppose. >> reporter: much of the controversy comes from the prince's comments comparing flying a helicopter with his love of video games. >> i love playing x box. i like to think i'm useful with my thumbs. it's designed for the younger generation, let's put it that way. >> reporter: on monday, the afghan government replied.
7:16 am
likening this fighter machine's weapons to computer games gives the taliban a propaganda victory. in a statement, the taliban responded, calling him a coward and accusing him of developing a mental problem in his four-month tour of duty. now the prince compares this war to his games. he's supposed to be made of better things. the british press is panning the prince. one paper calling him a royal misfit. another telling harry to guard his tongue and learn how to speak more like royalty. well, after stopping at a base in cyprus to decompress and have a few beers, he's on his way back home to face the music. meanwhile, fearing a revenge attack, security officials are scrambling to keep harry safe. time for the weather and sam champion.
7:17 am
sam, you're still outside? >> i am. amy, i have great news. temperature's come up to 12 degrees. we came up. we came up a degree. the windchills are going anywhere from 1 below to 4 degrees. that is great, great news. all right, it's not such great news. let's get to what this arctic air is doing. anytime you put moisture in this air, you'll get snow and ice out of it. a little clipper system from the great lakes to washington, d.c., will spread snow today. the lake-effect snow machine is on. also, take a look from charleston to washington, d.c., you get the freshening of snow, if you want it. the west coast, that air will start moving east. and it does. but look out for the fog around houston, galveston, victoria. that's the weather around the nation.
7:18 am
>> just keeping warm in times square.
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we've got plenty of cold air to talk about. back inside to the studio right now, to bill, amy, george, and lara. >> come on back inside. and coming up on "gma," notre dame football star manti te'o speaks out exclusively to katie couric. how he defends being in love with a woman he never met. our reporter tracks down the man accused of masterminding the whole thing. and we're up close with tigers like you have never seen them before. also coming up, how "saved by the bell" star tiffani thiessen is bucking hollywood standards and pushing back on being thin. and michael strahan. a mountain of energy. rest up, michael, you're going to need it. up, michael, you're going to need it. energy. good stuff, michael. you're going to need it. means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain.
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try our entrees, snacks and new salads. salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls, and now salads, like asian-style chicken. enjoy over 130 tasty varieties, anytime. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >> now from abc7 news. >> original new this morning the oakland city council has voted to hire the former top cop of los angeles and new york as a police consultant. the city council listened to public comment and debated until 2:30 in morning before deciding to hire bill bratton who is known for zero tolerance strategy including the controversial stop and frisk. it gives officers too much discretion. supporters say bratton has reduced crime in los angeles and morning and can help oakland. sue is following the wednesday only commute.
7:24 am
>> it is slow, 80 berkeley westbound with reports in the macarthur maze at 80 westbound. elsewhere, at toll plaza, medium to long backup, but not too bad to the first overcrossing, to san jose north 101 first reports of an accident and southbound 680 at treat a new accident, as well. eric? >> when we come back, mike nicco
7:25 am
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you here is live doppler 7 hd showing a possibility of life rain headed to daly city and south san francisco and obviously to sfo moving south to north with the best radar returns over the ocean. i have light rain in the forecast headed from mid-morning to mid-afternoon and mid-40's to low 50's and
7:28 am
now i get a phone call on december 6th, saying that she's alive, and that i'm going to be
7:29 am
put on national tv two days later. and they asked me the same question. what would you do? >> manti te'o sitting down with katie couric. right there, first time on camera. exclusively with katie. now more famous for the girlfriend that never existed than all of his exploits on the football field for notre dame. >> a lot of people looking forward to what he has to say. also, was beyonce singing live or not? how the lip-sync controversy that is heating up right now could potentially affect her superstar career. >> people waiting for answers there. and then we're going very, very up close and personal with tigers, like you have never seen them before. why their keepers went to such extremes. you you will not believe this video. and this may be the best source of morning energy that we could possibly bring you. how about michael strahan. michael, are you warmed up? ♪ mi mi mi >> i'm trying.
7:30 am
i'm trying. drinking my warm tea. he's ahead. >> someone said something about karaoke. >> it was me who said it. it's you who is doing it with michael. >> oh, all right. >> you better have tea, too, sam. >> i better warm up, too. let's get right to manti te'o and his big interview with katie couric. abc's matt gutman has been following the man who created the hoax. and he's got the latest now. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with katie couric, manti te'o now admits he briefly lied to the press and public after receiving news his girlfriend was fake. >> you stuck to the script. and you knew that something was amiss, manti. >> correct. >> why? >> well, put yourself in my situation.
7:31 am
katie, put yourself in my situation. >> reporter: he's been hounded since the story broke. he said up until december, he was not lying. he really was duped and loved a woman he never met. a woman, he thought, died of cancer, until he says, he got a call from the grave. >> this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th saying that she's alive. and then i'm going to be on national tv two days later and they asked me the same question. what would you do? >> reporter: this is the woman he believed he was committed to. her name is not lennay kekua. it is diana o'meara. 23 kweerld marketing exec who said her pictures were stolen and used to create a online personality that she never even knew existed. >> i have never met manti te'o my entire life. i have never spoken to him.
7:32 am
never exchanged words. >> reporter: they say they were both unsuspecting victims of this man, ronaiah tuiasosopo. 22 kreerld californian man who posted dudsens of videos online sing i singing christian songs. ♪ do you ever let go >> reporter: tuiasosopo, seen here in this photograph by tmz, is not admitting it publicly. his former football coach describes him as gregarious. someone you want as a son? >> somebody i want my kids to grow up like. responsible, disciplined. >> reporter: but this morning, despite the media frenzy, surrounding him -- hey, guys, can we stop you for one second? he's not talking. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news. >> and all of katie's exclusive interview with mk manti te'o
7:33 am
tomorrow. let's bring in dan abrams. he's insisting he was the victim of a hoax. i guess the question is, victim of a crime? >> in the state of california, as is the case in some other states, it's a crime to impersonate someone online. the problem here is two-fold. number one, was this a real person? the impersonation wasn't actually of someone who existed. it was taking a photo and making up a name and a personality. and as a result, that's a problem in any potential prosecution. number two, you still need to have the intent to harm, defraud, threaten, intimidate, et cetera. in this case, they might say, well, this certainly wasn't our intent. it was supposed to be a joke. not to harm. this is just a misdemeanor, too. this is not a serious crime. >> i guess you could imagine he might have a civil case. we're learning overnight, he produced a receipt of flowers that he sent to the funeral
7:34 am
home for lennay kekua. >> if this was a real investigation of a real crime, that would be significant. the authorities would say, wait a second, this backs up his account. we should be looking at others involved, not him. but as a practical matter, what this does is it simply backs up his story. backs up his account that he believed that she was real. it certainly helps him in the court of public opinion. >> but hard to believe we'll see any charges here. >> hard to believe we don't learn new details. remember, this story has broken a week ago and we have learned very little new. >> we'll learn a lot more tomorrow on "katie." now to a murder mystery brewing in philadelphia. a well-respected young pediatrician found dead in her own home. police say they have few leads in the brutal murder of melissa ketunuti.
7:35 am
abc's alex marquardt has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, philadelphia police are trying to unravel a mystery. a beloved doctor in children's hospital in philadelphia was found on monday in her basement. >> her wrists, ankles bound behind her back, and she was on fire. >> reporter: and with no evidence of forced entry, police are now wondering if she knew her attacker. >> we don't know if it is a known doer or unknown doer. >> this is extremely personal. i can't think of anything more heinous or cold to do to another human being. >> reporter: there's no clear motive, either. nothing appears to have been stolen. police have questioned her boyfriend, seen here in glasses, but he's not been named a suspect. >> the boyfriend can potentially provide all sorts of leads, to include people she previously dated. people she had problems with. any issues at work.
7:36 am
>> reporter: she lived alone on a quiet street and had been there for about three years. >> superpleasant. really nice. >> it's beyond comprehension this could happen on our block. >> reporter: on tuesday, her hospital issued a statement, calling her a warm, caring, bright young woman, adding that she'll be deeply missed. >> it is going to be a horrible thing for her family. a very nice person. very full of life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex marquardt, abc news, washington. >> our hearts go out to her family as well. well, time for a look at the weather and sam champion. it's just cold, cold, cold. >> yeah, and it's something that folks have to get used to. skin, it's kind of dangerous today. you have the windchills of 20, 30 below zero, you can actually get the frostbite condition in ten minutes.
7:37 am
look at 30 below in caribou. 25 below in burlington. 8 below in detroit. charleston into the single digits. new york has been anywhere from 4 degrees to 1 below. on the west coast, we're getting rid of the dry weather. and adding in some moisture. and dropping the temperatures around a little bit. seattle to portland, all the way to san francisco, a little bit further south, you'll see the rain move in. >> and i just wanted to point out. 24 in washington. but 34 in anchorage, alaska. all that weather was brought to you by folger's. >> wow. keep your eye on the screen. check out what we have right here. kate upton. the battle for the super bowl
7:38 am
ads has begun already. what a start. >> yeah, i don't think many people are looking away. and was beyonce live? or was she lip-synching? what does the controversy mean for her career? up next. synching. what does the controversy mean for her career? up next. ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup ♪ the best part of wakin' up nature made said, "here's something easier."ills are hard to take." new full strength minis. the same full dose of key omega-3s, now in just one small softgel per day.
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pediatrician recommended pain reliever for children. plus, children's advil® brings fever down faster than children's tylenol®. choose children's advil®. relief you can trust. welcome back to "good morning america." 7:42. the ads are heating up for the super bowl. no pun intended in this case.
7:42 am
mercedes-benz has hired kate upton to represent them. linsey davis is here with the story. >> reporter: mercedes says something powerful is coming this super powell. they've released a preview of an upcoming ad. as far as we can tell, it's a slow-motion car wash of sorts. it seems to focus more on kate upton's daisy dukes and tank tops than anything else. the sleek leans and sexy curves are certain to make hearts race. what sit an ad for you ask? the new mercedes cla, obviously. mercedes is advertising this 90-second tease as a taste of what's to come to the super bowl next month. >> you missed a spot. >> reporter: model kate upton, who many might argue is the real
7:43 am
star of the ad, has famously take an back seat to promote a product before. >> just got a whole lot hotter. >> reporter: some are asking if the notion that sex sells is being take an bit too far. >> people always try to push the envelope. at the end of the day, they're going the want to make this sexually suggestive and also family friendly. there's a real balance there. >> reporter: of course, the super bowl with its 100 million viewers, most of them men, is known for advertisers that push the envelope. >> who won't notice a hot mod tl body paint. >> reporter: or this ad for fiat? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: or who could forget this commercial of david beckham wearing nothing but his tight ti why whit
7:44 am
whiteys? what will they have up their sleeves for the 30-second sell. >> it's about getting people the talk about it on monday morning. >> reporter: nice car. upton, who famously posed for last year's "sports illustrated" swim suit issue played coy. she said, i should work at a car wash i'm so helpful, lol. mercedes-benz is hoping to score big with the audience. >> i think they'll do just fine. >> i have never seen the crew so quiet. coming up, we have "the play of the day." the little 49ers fan in the super bowl spirit. and they're already bored.ys ink hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet.
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[ male announcer ] end your long week... with a weekend getaway. save up to forty percent on all weekend hotel stays. book by january thirty first at
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save up to forty percent on all weekend hotel stays. right then, here's "the play of the day." all right, "play of the day." how about a football-themed
7:49 am
p.o.d. in honor of our special guest, michael strahan. >> he's listening, by the way. >> good. there he is. you're going to love this. 11 days from super bowl xlvii. this video from a niners fan. it involved tattoos and rap music. you may want to cover your ears. ♪ the super bowl party from february to go to disney world for our vacation ♪ ♪ setting records left and right ♪ >> that's good. >> that is 6-year-old sara. of dayton, ohio. the track is called, kaeper-fornia gold. millions of hits on youtube. they're selling it on itunes. >> oh, wow!
7:50 am
>> i'm not sure about the tattoos on a 6-year-old. what do you think? what do you think, strahan? >> i'm signing her to a record label i don't have. >> look at that. a low rider tricycle there. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function,
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7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> now, from abc7 news, >> crews are mopping trip a fire in san francisco, that break out in a victorian building on oak street near octavia boulevard. the fire started outside the home at 3:00 a.m. before it spread reportedly in a recycling bin. no one was hurt. mike has the forecast. >> we are seeing pore radar runs on live doppler 7 hd. at green valley road, and bodega highway, that area is getting wet wealth and more is over the ocean and coming ashore. be prepared if wet weather today and scattered showers this weekend. sue? >> bart spenting residual delays because of early equipment problems, san francisco to the east bay direction, at five to ten minutes and it should be clearing shortly. sig-alert has been cleared but
7:56 am
the track backup is why c.h.p. issued an alert. the news continue
7:57 am
7:58 am
michael strahan's working it. >> okay, try it again. this time with feeling. >> good morning, america.
7:59 am
>> no. bigger. >> for his big "gma" morning. >> good morning, america. >> really, that's all you got? >> okay, good morning, america! >> i think he's ready. "good morning america" continues live in times square with robin, george, josh, sam, lara, and michael. >> he is getting pumped up. and here he is right now, michael strahan, joining us live on "gma." great to see you, michael. >> welcome. >> great to see you. >> hey, robin, don't you wish you were here this morning? i know you do. josh is off, too. it's great to have amy and bill here. as michael takes his seat. >> you know how to light up a room. >> i literally think i caught a cold coming from the truck right into here. good morning, america. >> it's just been a few months since you took over with kelly. and you know what? you have shown you're as
8:00 am
fearless on tv as on the football field. we have some of our favorite moments. take a look. >> oh, that wasn't funny. that gives me an idea, you get a reading, you get a reading, you get a reading, you get a reading. >> i knew that was coming. >> what? >> hey, hey, turn your head. my mom's watching. my mom's watching. >> what won't you do. >> what did you do? >> we were just having fun. >> how did you do that? >> that's what we do. we decided to strip down and come out and greet the audience. >> we're going to have a lot of fun ahead with you. >> oh, yeah. >> i don't know if we're going to have that much fun. >> we'll try. we're going to see how much you know about your cohost kelly ripa, and doing some karaoke. >> they're complaining about beyonce singing, it may not be live. yeah, you wait until this happens. >> do you travel with a karaoke machine? how did this happen to us? >> i have no idea. >> it's one of his many talents. >> i think you can actually sing. >> no, i cannot.
8:01 am
>> that's deceiving. >> he's going to fool us all. i think you're going to be good. i think you really are. speaking of singing, we asked this morning, was beyonce singing live or wasn't she? how the lip-sync controversy flaring up right now could impact the superstar's career. or could it? we'll get into that. >> that will be interesting to find out. an exclusive interview with "saved by the bell" and "90210" star tiffani thiessen, who is bucking hollywood's standards to be thin. she's going to talk to us about that. we're going to bring in bill weir with the news. >> good morning, again, everyone. let's talk about the arctic blast. at least four deaths blamed on the severe cold stretching from the midwest to the east coast. windchills as low as 50 degrees below zero in some places.
8:02 am
the folks at aaa earning their checks today. inundated with reports of dead batteries and flat tires. sam's forecast in just a few minutes. we're just learning about an emergency landing at reagan national airport this morning. a u.s. express flight headed to raleigh, had to land immediately because of a cracked windshield. the plane touched down safely. no run hurt. a narrow escape for three people on this plane. the pilot reported mechanical trouble minutes before. thankfully, the plane's parachute worked just fine. that's right, the plane had a parachute, tangled in the trees right there. probably saved the lives of the three people on board. secretary of state said that the state department has been moving quickly on consulates. secretary clinton took responsibility for the department's missteps. became emotional when talking about the four americans killed. but she denied knowing about prior security warnings sent to low-level staff. she acknowledged the growing
8:03 am
threat from groups in northern africa. it took a pennsylvania jury only 90 minutes to convict a former methodist pastor of killing his second wife. arthur schirmer will face a trial in the death of his first wife. he's accused of striking both women in the head, one in 2008, one nine years earlier and then trying to make their deaths look accidental. not many people get to see this and live to tell about it. say hello to the mouth of a siberian tiger. a remote video camera hidden inside a snowman at a wildlife park and the tigers attacked it as if it was real. the pictures from the camera were so clear the keepers were able to do a full dental checkup. look at that magnificent creature. >> look at the size of that jaw. >> they must have had a steak in there. >> that's true. maybe some chicken wings inside.
8:04 am
>> did they eat the camera? >> they spit it out. it didn't taste good. >> it's always dangerous to ask a follow-up after stories like that. >> thank you, george. >> that's my setup for you. >> thank you very much. and we begin "pop news" by welcoming michael strahan. please give him a hand. >> thank you. >> very excited. >> a bell there. >> just feel free. just chime in. ring the bell whenever you feel. >> perfect. >> it's like, yeah -- [ bell rings ] we begin with paramount pictures news. they're planning to do a biopic on lance armstrong. one of the most talented and handsome actors around could be playing him. oscar nominee bradley cooper is telling the bbc that armstrong is a fascinating character and that he's definitely interested in the role. we know how this movie will end. the film will be based on "new york times" reporter julia
8:05 am
mccuria's forthcoming book, "cycle of lies." i think that could be good casting. and two world exclusive announcements. right here right now about the oscars. adele will sing the bond theme song, "skyfall." she could barely contain herself when she talked about being nominated. for an oscar when we caught up with her at the golden globes. now we get to hear her sing live on that stage. and seth mcfarlane is off to a great start. if this new promo for the awards show is any indication. here's your "gma" exclusive look at the spot that spoofs the movie "psycho." ♪ [ screaming ] >> keep it down. i have a meeting in four hours. >> well done, well done. you can see the oscars on sunday, february 24th, right here on abc. and for coverage -- i think he's going to be really, really great.
8:06 am
>> edgy. >> he's got a great singing voice. >> he's edgy but interesting edgy. he's not -- he can be offensive, we all know that from "family guy." but for the most part, i think he's going to make me more interested. >> he's only played one hitler. >> and he looks good in a tie. >> he does. he's a handsome guy. i'm crossing my fingers that he pushes the envelope just to have fun. do check out our website for lots of oscar coverage. on yahoo!. today is national pie day. it's a day that encourages us to celebrate that dessert table fixture. the flaky crust, filled with fruit, pecans, pumpkin. whatever your heart desires. what we desired here at "gma" is the famous caffeine pie made by pastry chef baldwin from the dutch in new york city. inspired by cappuccino with rum. chocolate-crusted intersection will -- [ bell rings ] >> pass it down. >> it will lift your spirits.
8:07 am
and spiraling us all into a sugar coma. >> coffee ice cream? >> i love this. >> i came on the right day. >> are there utensils? >> forks, forks, forks. thank you. >> don't they say don't eat on tv. >> they do. but we don't listen. >> who abides by that rule? >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome, everybody. happy national pie day. while you all enjoy, let's do our "pop quiz." you guys can think about it. who has ended lady gaga's reign as the most followed person on twitter? three choices. rihanna, justin bieber, justin timberlake. strahan, it's easy? the answer is easy? >> i think it is. >> you do? who do you think? >> we'll find out. >> hold it, hold it. >> george wants to get it right. >> i want to get this right. the pie is right. we need some weather, though. it is good pie. i can't eat on tv while you all enjoy. eat your lovely pie, stare at me, and i'll do weather.
8:08 am
how's that? let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to share with you. how about we start with a live shot out of houston? we had reports of fog. the fog is rolling from houston to galveston to victoria. this could stay around for a little while this morning. just stay up with ktrk, as we do,and they'll lead you through what is going on out there. on the west coast, 56 degrees in san francisco. we also have the warmer air in the southwest. watch this storm that comes off the northwest coast. moves across the country. there's a lot of discussion. does this become a snowstorm for the end of the week for the east coast? at this point, there is snow mixed with rain along the coastline. it doesn't look like a big snowmaker. but, again, we say abc stations will walk you throu
8:09 am
>> hmm? >> it is good, right, sam? >> i got you. >> lara? >> thank you, sam. enjoy the caffeine pie. i'll tell everybody what is coming up on the "morning menu." and we have beyonce, the lip-synching controversy and how it could affect her career. also on the show, "90210" star tiffani thiessen. speaking out against the pressure to be thin in hollywood. and michael strahan is with us. he'll talk about the incredible chemistry with kelly. about the super bowl. you're going to bring it. ♪ you get me live and real >> that is coming up on "gma." stay with us. >> more of that.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
i am absolutely positive! [ little boy ] two times is awesome. the thing i can do is wave my head and wave my... that's amazing. i've never seen anything like that. look i can do -- hold on -- i'm watching this. i'm getting dizzy... [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. doing two things at once is better. and only at&t's network lets you talk and surf on your iphone 5. ♪ all right, we're all on the couch. michael strahan is with us. we have the answer. >> tell us what's been happening on the couch. >> george, really? >> you know how to sit on this couch. i don't know -- >> it takes about six months. >> you have long legs. >> i'm trying to do this. i'm all over your lap. i don't know. >> but your legs are long. you self-proclaim you have a shorter torso and longer legs. >> i do. yes. i do. if you put my legs with my torso size, i would be like 5'2".
8:15 am
>> these are the fun facts you find out only on "good morning america." we also want you guys to chime in. we want you to chime in on our pop quiz. what is the answer? who ended lady gaga's reign as the most followed person on twitter? we gave you three choices. rihanna, justin bieber, justin timberlake. >> i say a, rihanna. >> it's bieber. >> bieber. >> what? >> really? really? not on my twitter. i follow her, not him. >> all right. >> he's got over, what, 35 million? >> did we talk about the followups yet? >> oh, we're not supposed to follow up? >> someone can tell me. >> i read it was something like 35 million. >> over 33. >> they're beliebers? >> wow, now it explains why he won't answer me back. i keep -- >> the pope has how many? >> a million. >> so bieber is a religion of his own? >> i don't know how many beyonce has but she's got a lot of questions. did beyonce lip-sync?
8:16 am
does it matter? what does it mean for her career? it's coming weeks before her blockbuster appearance at the super bowl. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: she has one of music's most angelic voices. but for the first time, beyonce's nearly angelic image is taking a hit. ♪ say can you see >> reporter: all that positive post-inauguration buzz about this star-spangled serenade is now being overshadowed by questions over whether she did really belt it out live or lip-synched? >> she has to be concerned about her vocal cords. >> reporter: but if it was too cold for beyonce, why wasn't it also too cold for kelly clarkson? ♪ from every mountainside
8:17 am
>> reporter: whose spokesperson said did sing live. in the past, some musical acts have pulled off faking it and had their careers survive. others, not so much. yo-yo ma admits he fudged his 2009 inaugural performance saying it was just too cold to play live. ♪ on a monday >> reporter: then, there was this, ashlee simpson seeming confused on "saturday night live" when her vocal track for the wrong song started playing. ♪ what so proudly we hailed >> reporter: but perhaps the best comparison was whitney houston's famous star-spangled banner at the super bowl in 1991, which, after it was found to be lip-synched, went on to be one of her top ten selling singles. as allegations of star-spangled lip-synching surfaced, these
8:18 am
pictures were shown prominently on her blog. while the photos are still there this morning, so far, she has yet to address the flap. >> beyonce's been a public relations golden girl. the controversy will do nothing to her image. >> reporter: she's slated to headline the super bowl, where no doubt, all eyes will now be focused on her lips. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, washington. >> she's a powerhouse. she'll survive. >> on a side note, that wasn't the real joe biden. that was a stuntman. >> i don't think it's a big deal. i mean, she actually sang the song. it's not like milli vanilli where somebody else sang it and she claimed it. it's cold out there. i can't sing in a warm room. >> we're going to find out, right? >> yeah. let's go now to tiffani thiessen. so many of us grew up watching her on "saved by the bell" and then heating up "90210." well, now, she's speaking out in a revealing new interview about
8:19 am
all that pressure to stay slim in hollywood and why she's pushing back. abbie boudreau has the story. >> hi, kelly. >> hi. >> reporter: as it seems, she was the ultimate girl next door. kelly on "saved by the bell." >> the all-american girl. >> reporter: those high-waisted jeans made you famous. >> oh, i guess so. >> reporter: two years later, she tackled the racier role of val on "90210." >> is that new? >> yeah, i got it today. >> reporter: you've been a sex symbol for 20 years. >> you know, i think, the older you get, the more it feels good that you can still kind of do that a little bit. >> reporter: but now, at 39 years old, the actress and mother is baring it all, talking about the pressure in hollywood to be thin. telling the website she was never the waify model type. >> when people are looking at
8:20 am
you, you have those pressures. >> reporter: she posed for these photographs, now embracing her curves. >> i felt kind of superwoman-esque. feeling like i could go out and do that and not feel like i had to be fixed afterwards. i don't want to use the word sexy. >> reporter: oh, you're sexy. we're going there. >> thank you. you're sweet. you're sweet. but, it was fun. i was pretty happy with how i felt the pictures turned out to be very natural and real and not overly pushing the whole i'm half-naked thing. >> reporter: she says she gained 45 pounds while pregnant with her daughter, harper, who is now 2 1/2. >> i went to work six weeks later. so, you know, at times, it was definitely hard. at the same time, i knew deep down that this was about her right now. it wasn't about me. >> reporter: but now, after more than two decades on screen, she says she's buried the pressures of hollywood, along with her crop top. >> i would be lucky to be in a size 4 sometimes. my priority is my family.
8:21 am
i just kinda don't give a -- give a crap as much. >> reporter: still, whoever said being a mom wasn't sexy? >> i know my husband says you're sexier now as a mom than you were even before. and how does that not feel good? >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> she looks great. and you can see her on "white collar" airing tuesdays on usa. lara? sam? >> thank you so much, amy. it's finally time. we're going to put the special co-host, michael strahan, to the test. first a little chitchat though. how are you? >> i'm great. i could do this more often if you moved the time to later. >> you already have that other thing. >> this is the first time you've been on a morning show like this, like a news show? >> the first time i've been awake this early in years. not ever on a morning show, no. but this is fun. i enjoy it. i have had a good time. i know all of you guys.
8:22 am
to see you here in your environment, it's like a treat. >> you could do this if you wanted. but we would hate to see you go. you and kelly are magic. >> it's fun. >> four months now? >> yeah, four or five months. >> it seems like you have been there forever. it seems like you fit in so well. but i'm not sure that the audience knows what your schedule is. you still have other tv shows, other commitments. just give me an idea of what your day is like. >> monday through friday, i'm here in new york, shooting the show. i go in in the morning, do the show, anything else we have to do related to the show. then right after the show friday, i have to fly back to california, sundays, i'm in the studio at 5:30 at fox shooting the pregame show for "fox nfl sunday." >> and then sunday night you fly back? >> that show is over at 5:00 p.m. >> how are mondays, michael? how are mondays? >> mondays a good day to take a nap. i'm a little delirious on mondays, which, i think, works. >> was it a monday when you were naked on camera?
8:23 am
>> that was definitely delirium. i don't know what day that was. i don't know what's coming every day. gelman, michael gelman does a good job of mixing it up on us. that was part of our halloween episode we did. >> was amazing. >> which was fun. >> i love the interview with "the chicago tribune." talking about football versus tv, you said, trust me, the schedule for tv is a lot easier. the physical beating is a lot easier. there are a lot more laughs and you're not blamed for losing. do you love it? is it better than football? >> getting hit in the head for a living, you kind of think there's got to be something more fun than that. this is a different type of fun. i'm able to show more personality. you're not in the sports world. this is something different. if you're fortunate enough when you retire, all you do is talk about football. you can do anything you want to do. don't limit yourself. >> let's talk about football.
8:24 am
there's a possibility of you being inducted into the nfl hall of fame, my friend. >> let's make that happen. >> how is that? >> that's exciting. >> how does it feel? >> it feels weird. i feel like i'm too young. like i'm too young for that. i didn't, when i played i didn't play with the hall of fame in mind. i played because i wanted to be the best at it. i loved it. but if it happens, i'll be a very happy man. and howie long continues to tell me that, if you make it in, michael, you'll cry during your speech. i'm fighting it. he said, when you talk about your family, you will cry. and, he might be right. >> you're an emotional guy. speaking of emotions, we have to try this karaoke thing. i don't know why. >> oh, boy. >> they -- upstairs, they're saying we must try it. >> somewhere, some day, you must have said you liked karaoke. we have been obsessed in the control room with you doing your thing. will you grace us with a tune? oh, i think i know where they got the idea. >> this is why?
8:25 am
>> and my voice was weak. my dancing was strong. that's what won that. >> you have a little situation. >> see shaq in the background. shaq was supposed to be prince. and he had one of -- >> she wants us so badly. denise, we're at your -- >> we're trying. >> 15 seconds. >> lara forgot her microphone. ♪ lead us in. amy? george? sing along. >> yeah, sing along. okay. ♪ who is starting? we're all singing together, right?
8:26 am
>> now, abc7 news. >> the oakland city council voted to hire the former top cop of los angeles and new york as the police consultant. the city council listened to public comment and debated until 2:30 this morning before deciding to hire bill bratton known for zero tolerance strategy including the controversial stop and frisk. opponents say it gives officers too much discretion. supports say he reduced crime if los angeles and can help oakland. >> the commute, there have been some issues. >> we have a bart delay still san francisco to east bay direction because of an equipment problem that is now fixed. we have a summit accident cleared from lanes northbound 17 but a sig-alert because of traffic back up at laurel. a new accident southbound 880 before thornton is slow through union city and hayward? >> we will check w
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> welcome back, live doppler 7 hd showing sprinkles to the bay to the san mateo bridge between both of the bridges, the bay bridge and san mateo bridge with best radar returns over the coast and headed to the north, so, with the north bay sticking further to the west you going do get the rain quickest. mid-40's to low 50's already. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's this afternoon with light rain becoming more likely ♪ ♪ i'm just a small town girl
8:29 am
living in a lonely world ♪ >> go! ♪ she took the midnight train going anywhere ♪ >> well, let's give him an "a" for effort. michael strahan right there. >> fantastic. he's just fantastic. >> he's so game. ♪ i'm going to i'm going to >> he wanted out. he wanted out. he's headed uptown right now to be on "live" with kelly ripa. we'll find out what she thought of his stint here on "gma" if just a few minutes as we say hello to all of you. robin is at home. josh is off this week. amy robach and bill weir with us. he was so much fun. >> he was hitting the notes. even if he didn't know the words. i was impressed. there is so much star power here this morning. dustin hoffman right across the way. one of his long-time hollywood dreams is coming true. ♪ just a smalltown girl >> to be on "gma," i guess. >> karaoke.
8:30 am
>> he'll tell us all about it. >> we'll start it up for you, dustin, if you want. >> it just gets better and better. jason statham is also with us. he's burning up the screen with jennifer lopez in a new high-action crime thriller. hello, jason. we can't wait to talk to you about that. >> jennifer lopez was here to talk about it yesterday. a new season of "project runway" is about to start. the show is back with a new judge, designer zac posen is here with tim gunn. nice to see you, welcome back, nice to see you. first, we just lost a co-host because we tortured him. i think that's not -- >> he was running. >> he ran from this gig to his day job uptown. we want to check in with "live with kelly" co-host kelly ripa. are you there? >> i'm here, sam. good morning. >> what is happening right now? >> what is happening right now is nothing.
8:31 am
we were in the middle of the restoration process which takes a team of about 18 people that are no longer -- they don't want to be seen on camera. so i'm just reading the soap opera magazines. hey, i was watching you guys this morning. don't you love michael strahan? >> what did you think of michael? >> i think he's the greatest gift ever to morning television. as you know, i just love him. i thought he was amazing. didn't you love working with him? >> fantastic. >> and he came to play. >> michael, you're live in the car. can you hear us, by the way? we're all over the place, this network television. cameras in cars, kelly's dressing room. michael, can you hear us? are you there? okay, we're live everywhere but we don't have a connection everywhere. >> hello. i hear you. >> you know what he's doing? he's pretending to not hear us. he's stul lactually taking a na. this is the most sleep he'll get. >> i hear everything she's saying. i hear everything you're saying,
8:32 am
can you hear me? >> hi, michael. >> you two have gotten this amazing chemistry right away. what is the secret of making this show -- it was already incredibly successful, a huge sesz wi success with the two of you? >> um, well, you know, we can never judge chemistry. everyone talks about it. we don't know what that means. we know we like each other an awful lot. we like to hang out together. everything he says makes me laugh. everything he says puts a smile on my face. he really is so game. michael, i don't mean the talk about you like you're not there. you're in a car. it seems like you're not there. he's game. he's up for anything. willing to try anything. he just makes us want to be better. >> the moment on the show, the audience fell in love with him, the guests fell in love with him. dustin hoffman comes over to talk to him. he's got that "it" that thing. michael, you have that thing, my friend, that people just love watching you. they do.
8:33 am
it's true. kelly, what's on the show today? what are you guys going to do today? >> we, like you, also have jason statham. he'll be here and christine baranski. i don't know if you have had this performer on your show yet, oli murs. >> i don't think so. >> do you? >> we have. we have. >> he's incredible. i saw him at jingle ball with my daughter. my daughter, who is going to be the next great musical agent of our time, turned to me and she said, you've got to get him on your show. he's a great singer. i'm afraid of her. i said, i'll do my best. >> kelly's daughter who sounds like a 60-year-old woman now. apparently. >> apparently. that's how i say her. >> where did the karaoke thing come from? michael knocked it out today. is that something you guys do all the time? what's up with that? >> in my mind, i think i'm an amazing singer.
8:34 am
i just don't think i've picked the right song. it's all about song choice. michael can sing any song. he performs the song. like, he's -- if he's singing billie jean, he's got the glove, and the dance moves and the hat. he's got it all choreographed. for me, i'm more the pure vocalist. i do something, i haven't found the right song yet. >> we love having you both here. michael, is there traffic on central park west right now? >> oh. no, i'm good. i'm almost at the studio. >> all right, perfect. >> i was just enjoying listening to kelly -- can you hear me? >> yeah, we can. >> i'm good. traffic the perfect. i'm just enjoying kelly talking about how she's a pure vocalist. >> so great. thank you, guys. so great having you. >> i am. >> all right. traffic and weather together. i know that every morning show has it.
8:35 am
we have michael doing traffic and i'll pull the weather. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what is going on this morning. from fulton, new york, to panama city, you send us your twitter and facebook pictures, that's how we know what it looks like today. gio benitez who was on location sent us that picture. in some cases on the band, more than a little bit of snow. lake-effect snow in action here. the lakes are not frozen. the cold air is coming out of canada. with the clipper system, light snow here. the bitter cold will stay. today is the coldest part of this air. it stays cold through the weekend. >> all that weather was brought
8:36 am
to you by at&t. be sure to watch "live with kelly and michael's" after oscar special. monday, february 25th. oscars, a big deal on the a, the b, the c. >> thank you, guys. we have a show full of stars today. none bigger than dustin hoffman. he's won two oscars. "kramer versus kramer" and "rainman" received just about every honor in the business, including the kennedy center honor this year. welcome to the madness of "gma." >> thank you. >> i have to ask you, what took you so long? you have been acting for decades. your first time as a director in "quartet." >> well, you know, i would develop stuff like every other actor or anyone who has hopes of having something made from their own idea. i would put it aside to make a movie. the movie would be over. i would come back to it. the most important part of it is
8:37 am
when you're in your 30s, 40s, 50s, you think you have all the time in the world. suddenly, you're 75 and you say -- >> you gotta do it. >> -- or get off the pot. >> and this is such a lovely story. it's called "quartet." three of them live together and they come together for a performance of "verdi." you have amazing actors, including maggie smith. >> she actually came with the project. i'm not sure she would have agreed with me directing. and tom courtenay came with it. >> you chose a clip you want us to see. >> maggie plays someone that is an ex-diva. not unlike maria callas. she no longer has any money. she has to go to this retirement home. and she loathes it, of course. and she's being shown around by this gal she used to sing with, pauline collins. ♪
8:38 am
>> thighs, hips, move those hips. ♪ >> side to side. shake it, ladies, shake it. >> this isn't a retirement home. this is a madhouse. >> the horror on her face. >> i decided after i took the project that i wanted to use real ex-opera singers and musicians. that's who surrounds maggie and the other stars. that guy is an ex-musician. i didn't direct him to do that. he took one look at maggie and he made a move. [ laughter ] >> who can blame him, right? you brought so much fun to this. you also have some important things to say, the whole film does, about the whole process of aging. >> you want an answer? >> yeah. >> yes, i mean -- i mean -- you know, michael strahan is an
8:39 am
example, i guess -- an athlete faces it more dramatically than an opera singer. they both have a short shelf life. what is it for an athlete to be a star in high school, college, pro, and then suddenly, he wakes up one morning and it ain't the same? he's just, even if it's that much less flexibility. with an opera singer, you start to lose your voice at a certain point. to be on that height, that role, suddenly, like a guillotine, not be able to perform at that level but want to is, i thought, moving. >> and you're still performing at that level. i have to say, it was so moving to see you moved at the kennedy center honors when everyone was paying tribute to you. especially your friend, robert de niro.
8:40 am
>> i was set. you go, i'm going to the kennedy center. i'm going to meet the president and first lady. i'm going to sit there. they have it every year. i'm going to be all right. i'm going to hold myself together. even though at my age, i cry at the weather reports. >> all of us did today. >> and -- you don't know who is going to be there. you don't pick anybody. so when de niro came out, i wondered if he was doing it for one of the other honorees. and suddenly, he starts talking about me. we've known each other for years. we're good friends. we don't talk about acting. we talk about everything else. you don't say, gee, you were great in such and such. suddenly, he starts talking about me in terms of what he feels about me in term of an actor. it was very moving. what he did say, which was interesting, is that on the fourth film we made together, one of the focker movies, in the middle of the day, out of in where, he starts the sentence with, so -- uh -- as if he's picking up with something from yesterday. he says, so you remember 1969?
8:41 am
i said, what do you mean, bob? he says, there was like some benefit dinner, maybe mccarthy was running for president. i said, yeah, maybe. he said, second avenue restaurant. i said, okay. why are you telling me this? he says, i was your waiter. >> wow. that is pretty cool. >> i said, so did we meet? he said, yeah, the first thing you said to me is, how's the flounder. >> you have both come a long way since then. thanks a lot, dustin hoffman. it is called "quartet." it is fantastic. it goes nationwide on friday. when we come back, jason statham is here. >> thank you.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:45 with one of hollywood's hottest leading men, jason statham. we welcome you to "good morning america." >> thanks for having me on. >> big day here. you're included in that, a big movie star. >> dustin hoffman is a movie star. >> jennifer lopez said you're the best of the best after working with you in "parker." >> that's complimentary. >> she said you were fantastic to work with. and the movie is -- it's intense. you play parker, a thief with a conscience. how was that for you? >> yeah, he's a thief with a conscience.
8:45 am
the good part about this, he comes from a great line of books written by donald westlake. this is a character played before by lee marvin, mel gibson. he's very meticulously written. and you know, he's got a really admirable side to him. >> how was it working with the wonderful, beautiful jennifer lopez? >> yeah, it's a fantastic day to go to work with her. it really was. >> they call it work. >> many, many days of it. >> you did all of your own stunts? some looked impossible. >> it's one of those things i have been doing for years now. i did a movie way way back with a french director and from that day forth, i sort of dug a big hole for myself. i was doing all my stunts because we didn't have any -- the resources weren't there to do things on a green screen or with special effects. i ended up doing everything in camera. from that day on, i ended up doing my own stunts. it's been that way ever since. >> you're really, really good at it. we're wondering if this is why. we uncovered photos of you.
8:46 am
it turns out that you and i have something in common. >> oh, deary me. >> there is jason. >> ouch. >> you were on the national team. right around the same time. i was a diver. thank you, sabrina. a picture of my technique, not nearly as good as yours. >> look at that. >> do you think that that fearlessness that you have to have as a diver when you're flinging yourself off the platform helps in movies? >> i think there's a lot of help that i've gathered, you know, some of the skills you learn. the trampoline, the gymnastics. the lack of fear from throwing yourself around from a great height. >> because let me tell you, when you watch this movie, you're hanging off that building in palm beach, i saw a diver there. i saw that. >> i don't know. a lot of the skills you can just bring them to the stunt world. not specific to a sort of drama or acting that you can do. but for some of the stunts, the aerial awareness can help you out. >> jason statham, everybody.
8:47 am
check him out in "parker." it opens friday. this friday in theaters. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. coming up, tim gunn and the latest member of the "project runway" fashion dream team.
8:48 am
8:49 am
well, back now with our friend, tim gunn, and the newest judge to join "project runway" superstar zac posen. the hit reality show is getting ready to kick off its 11th season tomorrow. gentlemen, welcome. thanks for being with us. zac, why did you decide to join the show? >> well, um -- >> you needed more to do? >> lots more put on the schedule. it was an amazing opportunity. >> you're an incredible addition. what kind of judge are you? are you a simon cowell? >> no, absolutely not. i'm a softy and a sweetie pie. in my heart.
8:50 am
but i do, you know, expect a level of excellence and i wanted the designers to have their personal best in front of us. >> right, makes sense. >> so i tried to give good guidance while being funny and keeping the show entertaining. >> and zac has a very high bar of standards. it's a wonderful thing. >> this season is different. the contestants are working on teams. they're not individuals pitted against one another. how does that change the show and the dynamic? >> well, in a manner of speaking, they have to play nicely with each other. a lot of people are upset about this. they think the designers are compromising their point of view. they're not. >> we have a clip of the show where the judges discuss how the teamwork actually affects the final outcome. >> oh, let's see. >> i like it. it's another set of eyes that are going to be giving an opinion and hopefully, the bar gets raised. >> they judge them before we get to judge them.
8:51 am
>> they have to decide if they're being truthful with their advice. >> what if they're telling each other it's not so good or it is good. >> this is great. >> it's gorgeous. >> and as the competition goes on, the good souls and hearts will come through. >> one can only hope. what was the biggest surprise for you? >> i think the biggest surprise was seeing vast creativity out of these young designers. and to see what a united front they had in front of us as judges, because we would have to decipher who did what out of every project. and it was really hard to tell because they just had a very united front. i think when you see the show, as the show unfolds, you'll have this incredible experience of seeing sort of the cracks start to show. >> ooh, we can't wait. it sounds delicious. thank you both for joining us. a tan -- a fantastic addition. tim, thank you for joining us.
8:52 am
the new season of "project runway" premiers tomorrow night on lifetime.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
what a fun wednesday here on "gma." big thanks to our special guest, michael strahan. he tweeted robin on the way out saying thank you for letting me spend the morning with your "gma" family. can't wait to see you on tv again. amen to that. >> such a great guy. y.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. wet weather returning to the bay area. mike? >> a slow go as we expected. a few sprinkles around cupertino and sunnyvale, 237, dumbarton bridge to san mateo bridge right now. expect this to increase headed to lunch and light rain in the afternoon and scattered showers tonight through tomorrow. cooler with scattered light showers this weekend. sue? >> fog and low cloud on the san mateo bridge with a stall on the western portion of the span by foster city boulevard. now traffic is backing up to the high-rise. heavy traffic moving from university avenue westbound into the macarthur maze. an accident at novato southbound 101 with four cars involved of the kristen? >> thank you. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of the new film
8:59 am
"parker," jason statham. and from the hit series "the good wife," christine baranski. plus, performing his big hit, "troublemaker," olly murs. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! hi. michael: oh! kelly: hi. hi! [applause] michael: man! [cheers and applause

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